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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 x32 & x64
Wiping free space on a disk, by writing random data.
Useful for example when you give a USB disk, in order to prevent old erased files becoming available with tools like undelete or unformat.

Removing a file does not clean the disk where the file is. Only the directory entry is removed.

With some tools easily found in Internet, it is easy to find again the file on the disk, and to rebuild the directory entry. So, the file is available again. To be sure to remove the file itself, it is possible to write new files where the removed file was.

This is the purpose of Wipe_free_space_jc: writing random data files on all the remaining free space of a disk, that is to say over old deleted files.

Wipe_free_space_jc is enough for general purpose, for example a private person selling a disk with erased normal data to another private person. With the modern disks, it is very hard - impossible even - to read again overwritten data with normal available mean. Some about 32 KB buffers may remain free in the place reserved for a directory, but the precedent deleted file behind this directory might be in little piece without coherence, unreadable with ordinary mean. In extreme cases, for example in military industry, you may need more sophisticated means of erasing.
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Download the following file to a directory on your PC. version V042 (214 KB)

Checking the download (suggested):

Download md5deep.exe and sha256deep.exe :

click on "Download md5deep and hashdeep".

by clicking on "Windows binary".


Copy md5deep.exe and sha256deep.exe
to the directory where wipe_free_space_jc_Vxxx.exe is.

Checking itself:

Launch Notepad.
Copy and paste the following lines into Notepad:

@echo off
md5deep -a 04ab088b4490cecebfae752ed0b488cb -b *.exe
sha256deep -a fcf2fa981a5c5eb38a9e7b8b52a3d976b0c4c8052296c2126fba7375fe60045c -b *.exe

In Notepad, File / Record into verif.bat in the same directory
where wipe_free_space_jc_Vxxx.exe is.
Run verif.bat

You'll see something like this:


If the name of the program appears 2 times, it is good.

Installation :

No installation. Only click on wipe_free_space_jc_Vxxx.exe.

Two other files will be automatically created in the same directory:
Wipe_free_space_jc.ini and Wipe_free_space_jc_Vyyy.chm.
If they are removed by mistake, they will be regenerated automatically.

Removing the software:


That's all.
If you want to help, please consider donating to support the development of this tool and other ones.
Thank you very much.